About Me


Coaching and counselling is a new direction for me. Having studied Education and English Literature, a happy accident landed me in journalism, where over the course of 20 years I built a rewarding career. But life has a way of throwing things your way.

A chance advertisement (much like the one that opened the door to journalism for me) offering life coach training caught my eye. I enquired. I evaluated the syllabus. I saw that it would offer me the opportunity to pursue my interest in human behaviour.

With my education in the humanities and my time as a journalist, I had developed not just an interest in, but also a knack for understanding what drives human behaviour. The puzzle pieces began to fall into place; today I have the chance, and the honour, of using my newfound knowledge and life experiences, to help make the pieces fit for you.

I’ve been where you are; wondering what’s next, putting off a goal, or feeling like life has ground to a standstill or is spinning out of control. So, let me help you pull yourself towards yourself, and live a full, rich life, through insight, introspection, and inspiration.

Are you ready for coaching? Find out here.