What is coaching

Personal development coaching, or life coaching, is much like football coaching. I put you through rigorous training, then shout at you from the sidelines on game day.

No. Don’t panic. Not really.

What exactly is coaching?

Personal or professional development coaching is me taking you through a process of introspection, to achieve insights into your own desires, goals and motivations. You will confront your fears and failures; own your successes, strengths and weaknesses, and learn to tap into your ‘gut’ feelings.

If you are truly committed to seeing the process through, it will inspire you to embrace your instincts and reasoning – your inner wisdom – to see your full potential and value as a human being. Once you have done that, you are in the position to tackle your personal and professional goals, overcome obstacles, and solve problems.

What coaching is not
Personal or professional development coaching is not training, mentoring or counselling.

l Training imparts specific skills;

l Mentoring involves a more experienced person advising and guiding a less experienced person in a specific field;

l Counselling helps people process a difficult life event or trauma.

Sometimes, coaching can occur concurrently with these other disciplines, but does not replace them.

My coaching process

Coaching readiness
Initially, I’ll ask you to take a coaching readiness quiz to determine if you’re in the right headspace to be coached. If you aren’t willing to do the introspection, insight and inspiration won’t follow.

Initial assessments
Once we’ve established your readiness for coaching, I will conduct an assessment interview with you, and collect information from people around you. This helps me gain insight into how you see yourself, and how others see you. Confidentiality is key here.

A coaching strategy tailored especially for you
The assessment results determine your unique coaching strategy. Every client is different so there is no one-size-fits-all approach. This means there is no time limit to the coaching period; you can be where you want to be at your own pace, depending on how seriously you take the process.

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